Wilson vs Glencoe Womens Soccer 2019 - Sabot Images Studios

I have had the privilege to photograph the football team for Woodrow Wilson High School Trojans here in Portland for about 8 years now. This year, I am attempting to support the kids with images for all sports. 

I was discussing my plans with my co-photographer. I said 100% of all home games. She noticed I posted on Facebook that later I said 75%. Check out her work here

The biggest challenge of photographing any high school fall sport is poor lighting. These stadiums are not set up for photography but what is a little bit of noise right. 

The light changes so rapidly in autumn where you have beautiful sunlight to the harsh lights of a high school stadium. Knowing the exposure triangle becomes so important. I typically will not go below 1/800th of a second but may go 1/640th if my tracking of the subject is on. 

I had two more games to photograph after this game during the week. Men's soccer and volleyball. More on those later. Check out all the shots from the match where Wilson HS beat Glencoe HS here

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