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Munich Residenz

With so little time to explore Munich the main place I wanted to see was the Residence Hall. This was also the day where a lot of political rallies were happening just a couple streets over so it was a very interesting visit. 


I so wanted to get a shot of the Antiquarium void of people and I tried really hard. I really enjoyed watching two American teenagers trying to get that perfect Instagram selfie and every time they were ready to shoot someone walked into their frame. 

You can see them in the below photo reviewing their work. I would see them later as they were taking one in a mirror and I was sure to photo bomb that shot, giggling to myself. 

Trying for the perfect post

Venus by Antonio Canova (M√ľnchner Residenz)

This visit was very enlightening about the history of Bavaria. Most of the Residenz was destroyed during WWII. Bavaria was very much inspired by France. 

The living quarters

Most of the furniture was from other places brought in to fill the void left. Unlike the earlier post where I mentioned being pushed though the castle, we were able to leisurely look through and was a bit overwhelming. Much like my visit to the Louvre years early, just too much to see in a short day trip. 

grand art

This was one of the last halls we explored that contained the portraits of the Kings of Bavaria. My photos can not due the justice this hall portrays but I think it is pretty good for a hand held photo. 

Time to leave

It was soon time to leave and head home to Oregon but I have omitted what I think is the coolest part of our visit to Munich. 

Eisbach Surfing

Surfing the Eisbach, a small channel of the Isar River that runs through Munich's big, central park. 

We headed to our most expensive hotel, the one near the airport for our last night. My wife said, if we could of taken a 3 day break and just catch our breath she could go another 10 days. We keep debating where we will travel to next. We continually think, we could go back. Right now, if I could, fly back and get a good curry wurst and spetzi. We shall see but maybe Italy or Ireland next time we go to Europe.

Thank you for reading. 

Edmund Devereaux

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