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Germany - Romantic Road

Old tower

The Mutterturm (Mother Tower) Landsberg am Lech, Germany

The Romantic Road in Germany was originally created to bring tourists back to Germany after WWII. You could literally spend days on this road. Rebecca and I decided to head to Nuremberg instead and make a few stops. 

White Tower (Weißer Turm)

the White Tower-Weisser Turm-Jacobsplatz-Nuremberg

We arrived pretty late in the afternoon in Nuremberg. I did not realize where the hotel was that we booked. Let us just say it was close to a place not very friendly and very illegal in most of the United States. That said, if you don't walk down that alley inside the wall surrounding old Nuremberg you would not know it was there. 

Hotel Am Jakobsmarkt Nürnberg | Altstadt

Hotel Am Jakobsmarkt Nürnberg | Altstadt

The restaurant next to the hotel has been around since the 1400's. The little white care below was my $350 Europcar. Be prepared, I was charged by Expedia to book and again by Europcar and I have yet to find out why. Might want to stick with a US based car rental agency or double check with Expedia and Europcar first. 

Exploring old Nuremberg

DJH Youth Hostel Nurember

Surviving tower

The tower in the background was the only tower that survived the British bombing during WWII. You can read a lot about this castle on Wikipedia. I have been on and around this castle many times in my life but this time was my first tour inside it. 

WWII aftermath

View from interior - construction

Imperial Castle of Nuremberg Kaiserburg Nürnberg

Goldenes Posthorn

Goldenes Posthorn

Goldenes Posthorn is my favorite spot in Nuremberg for the Nürnberger Rostbratwurst. I have been going here for over 30 years. 

Nuremberg castle gardens

Burggarten in Nuremberg

The storms and rain were rolling in but I for one have never missed the opportunity to walk these gardens. 

Nürnberger Hauptmarkt

This is the location of my favorite Christmas market. 

Schloss Seehof

We took a quick day trip out of Nuremberg to visit where I was a young Army private, Erlangen and wanted to visit my boyhood home in Bamberg. Unfortunately due to the German police owning the old Army base I could not. This was very disappointing to me. Some of my fondest childhood memories and first real friend"s ghosts were there, haunting the spaces between the apartment buildings. On our way back Rebecca spotted Schloss Seehof on the side of the Autobahn and we worked our ways through back roads to see it. 

Rebecca waits for me to get done taking pictures

My wife, Rebecca is a bad ass. It might look like she is sitting on the steps bored with my photo taking. This trip was never about creating sell-able images, even thought they are available to purchase, it was about spending time with her and showing her a place I love almost as much as Oregon, well maybe a bit more than Oregon. If I could move Germany into the US I would move there but I love America too much to move away again. 

Before we left for Germany she tore her knee  and survived the trip, mountain hiking and city touring due to a treatment by her doctor before we left. By this point she had re-aggravated her injury but refused to be a downer. She is my hero and rock. 

Restaurant Nassauer Keller zu Nürnberg

One more thing I have never done during my trips, visits and a lot of partying in my late teens and early twenties was to eat in this restaurant. Located in the basement of a 500 year old tower the ambiance is awesome and the doorway when exiting makes you feel as if you are walking through a Willy Wonka door (the Gene Wilder version) Try the Roladen (not as good as my mom's or wifes) but it was pretty tasty with a nice German beer. 

St. Elisabeth Church

I ate and had my wife eat a lot of wurst while we traveled around Germany but for the German Schwenkbraten and Italian restaurants. The one I fell in love with was Ristorante La Fiamma where we were served by Cardi who, from Jamaca and raised in England was the best host you could ask for and had me trying new items because he earned my trust. 

I loved this place and the service so much I wrote a review on Google about it. The next day as we went back to have another desert after the Roladen we met a couple who based on my review went to this restaurant. They were from India and we had a lovely conversation. It really is a small world we live in. 

Time to leave Nuremberg

Leaving Nuremberg was not as hard as leaving Dursten in Pfronten but soon we would need to be on a plane back to Oregon. We had one last stop to make, Munich. One of the most visited cities in Germany and we had only a day to see what we could. That will be the final part of this trip to tell. 

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