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Waterfall Project

Last summer I took on a personal project. My goal was to capture some of Oregon's wonderful waterfalls and some lovely ladies who volunteered to pose for me. Many times it was very chilly, even in summer but many times it was very hot and the mist was a welcome respite. 

Upper Silver Falls

I did not choose what outfits each volunteer subject wore. I left that up to them and in the case above her parents. My goal was to mix human and nature beauty. 

Yes the water was very cold

The cold water was a particularly hard challenge for most of the models. Some where willing to go all for it and jump into the icy cold water and some were absolutely against it. I left it up to them to choose to jump in or not. 

Face towards the light

Lighting of each person had it's own unique challenges due to lighting conditions, locations, and amount of gawkers. One trick I had up my sleeve was having the face turn towards the light, where there was. The other was a Canon Speedlite far enough away to fill in a bit. That is, until the strobe dropped into the icy water and died a very painful death. After that, I started using a very cheap and serviceable flash from Wal-Mart of all places. That way if the $30 light fell in I would be ok. Surprisingly enough, that flash did the trick and I still use it on occasion now for other photo shoots. 

Goddess look

This was my favorite look of the series. The sandals were perfect and the flowing white dress just fit exactly what was in my head. 


When Jenny said yes to shoot I was not away she had never been to Latourell Falls. She did not know how powerful this waterfall is. We were lucky that day as it was particularly active and she just nailed the shots. 


Kayla is one of my dearest friends. A Navy veteran, who together with me, have done some amazing photo shoots. No idea is too crazy for her yet. Kayla is a fitness competitor who has overcome some pretty substantial things to become the powerful woman she is today. 

Original inspiration

This series was all inspired by Kenlynn and a shoot we did a few years ago. I had kept this project to myself for some time until I decided I was ready to execute it the Summer of 2018.

That log

This log was a go to spot for a lot of shots. No one owned it more that Treica. The most fit person I know, she was heading to Jordan for a marathon soon after this shot. We have done many shoots together and is another one of those dear friends I would not have if it was not for photography. 

Tall, beautiful and memorable

Megan's tall physique just screamed for a different waterfall. Here we found Starvation Creek Falls. One of the less known waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge it has a wonderful picnicking table and walking trail near by.   


Red Caldura was petrified of the waterfall but she braved it out and created some amazing poses. 


Personal projects are important to any photographer. What the next one will be for me has yet to be decided. 

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