Nixie and Silver Falls - Sabot Images Studios

This summer Nixie and I took a morning to create some new photos at Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. Located east of Salem it is one of my favorite state parks. The best part of this park is that if you bring your kids, there is very poor cell coverage so they actually have to pay attention to the beauty of Oregon. 

Lighting is always challenging when photographing in nature. I never want to have so much equipment so I typically go very simple. It all really depends on if I have a photo assistant or not.       

Confession time, I am not a fan of elaborate prints in the clothing worn for photoshoots. I prefer solid colors and fewer patterns. 

I love working with my friend Nixie, while these may not be the best work we have ever done, it is always fun to spend time with good people and create. Our goal is always one, just one awesome shot to add to our portfolios. And the last one is the photo I fell in love with. 

Interested in seeing all the shots I took for this photoshoot, check out the link

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