Ballet Body by Jasmin - Sabot Images Studios

Ballet Dancer under St. Johns Bridge

I have a fascination with capturing ballet dancers. I do not get the opportunity as much as I like but when Jasmine asked me to photograph her for her business, how could I refuse. 

First shoot under St. Johns Bridge

The amount of strength she possesses to do what she does is amazing to me. Especially as I have never been really into fitness, just forced into it when I played high school (mostly bench warming) football and during my two decades of military service. 

Taking flight

Jazmin Ballet Dancer St Johns Bridge-9316

She also is uber intelligent who graduated from Berkeley and very passionate Full Stack web developer and does freelance work. Her fitness classes, "Ballet Body by Jasmin authentic ballet class for adult beginners." are great for all body types. 

Ballet in the Pearl

When Jasmine asked me to do a shot in the Pearl district, finding the streets empty was a challenge. The solution, surprising very little traffic during Federal Holidays. 

Dancing in the Street

If you are in the market to do something different with your fitness routine I would recommend yo check out what she can help you with. 


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