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This is my first 2022 blog post

While I want to say that this is the first post for 2022 it is still December 26, 2021. But I have the free time and we just received a bit of snow. 

What did the Covid 19 epidemic do to my photography? One thing it really did was take away a lot of portrait work. That is not a bad thing overall, it is just a way of dealing with a world that wants to kill you. I did not make the world, I am just trying to live in it. So that is what changed, I started to live in the world. 

Travel was limited but living in the Pacific Northwest I have the opportunity to go out and photograph so many beautiful scenes. I began to return to my landscape photography passion and explore the back U.S. Forest Service roads and more. 

I went whale watching not just once, but several times. My wife and I found Island Adventures in Anacortes Washington that we rely on. This year we watched a rarely seen thing, Humpback Whales breaching in the Salish Sea in the Puget Sound. We outright love their tours and the people working those ships. 

I went several days to Cape Disappointment during Kind Tides. The photo in this post is one from those sessions. The last one I went to was a total bust. Ok, professional photographer tip for photographing the King Tides at this location. When you see smaller fishing boats close to the lighthouse area that means the swells are not as robust as normal so the waves should not be as epic as they could be. I am looking forward to going back in January and hopefully getting that show I love. 

Well, that is what changed, I started more landscape photo trips. Snow is here now and the mountains are calling my name. 

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